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  We are the UK's leading independent provider of support and guidance to families, who seek increased knowledge and evidence of Therapeutic Wilderness Programmes.

Since 2007, we have worked with countless numbers of families (from all over the world) who have subsequently accessed professionally run outdoor programmes, for prompt action to be taken, to address individual and complex challenges….before returning to and restoring a normal family life.

We really have become the "last chance saloon" for families struggling to cope with teenage kids who have developed issues that are capable of tearing families apart. We work closely with only the very best programmes, where we are able to understand (and influence) the therapeutic input, which is so vital to achieving a potentially positive outcome. We visit and vet programmes and their owners, and we really understand the "maze" that is out there, which can be very confusing to the naked eye. We can separate the true professionals who really care about outcomes, from the programmes that are constantly chasing targets to appease the money men!

Historically, the most popular destination by far, has been to USA based Therapeutic Wilderness Programmes. With a professional intervention, you will find a structured programme, that helps provide an exceptional catalyst for radical change in the lives of troubled teenagers – who may be suffering from any number of complex issues, challenges or in some cases addictions. These programmes help bring about positive change, to the lives of young people who may be struggling at home, and who may be underachieving (or possibly excluded from) school.

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PLEASE NOTE – We do not have access to free or subsidised places on any of the programmes we promote or signpost you to. We only work with highly qualified and experienced professionals who run their own businesses on a commercial basis. Our core programmes based in the USA are expensive and they are only suitable for young people aged 14-18 years of age. There are separate programmes for Young Adults & Young Professionals.

"The woods were made for the hunter of dreams, the brooks for the fishers of song" Sam Walter Foss

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Watch this short film in which Graham Cook talks about his work with Off The Rails Kids.

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