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Equine Therapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).

We focus on the EAGALA model of EAP and work in conjunction with an appropriately qualified Psychotherapist.

Not all therapy involves the riding of horses. Instead we subscribe and focus on ground based interactions where the client is encouraged to partake in horse-centred activities designed to address certain treatment goals.

An example of the sort of skills applied in an EAP session would produce:

  • Improved Behaviour and Social Skills

  • Depression and Anxiety reduction

  • Relationship Development

  • Coping Resources

  • Enhanced Communication Skills

Thanks to funding from The Big Lottery we have been able to do some amazing work with a group of six "troubled teenagers" from the North East of England who offered complex needs coupled with very difficult / challenging home and family dynamics. We have also delivered a pilot programme working with three entire " adopter" families where the young teenagers involved presented a different set of needs and behaviours that impacted directly on routine family life as most of us know it.

OTRK EquinePlease read the results of our work - Download PDF





“This programme was relaxed and non-threatening. My daughter felt good about herself and the horses. She can handle the “here and now” questions but she can’t cope with what may happen in the future. She understands her vulnerability and she worked out that some of the horses may have been maltreated and that’s why they can be bad tempered. I would love to do more of this work with my entire family.
Mum - Northumberland.






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