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"I am an international psychologist who places youth in wilderness and other programs for over 30 years. I am asked to write a few sentences for my friend & amp; colleague, Graham Cook who has entered the arena of outdoor behavioural health much later in life. Graham and I have shared clients together, and one who in particular comes to mind, a young man from a family in the UK who went off to Utah at Graham’s instruction. He shared that client with me for assessment and subsequent referral to a therapeutic boarding school in the US. As a UK / US psychologist,

Graham comes from a background of HR. He understands business and people. He is charismatic. He is likely to be an asset to any family in need or any company whom has an interest in furthering value in working with young people. "

Mark Burdick PhD – Mental Health & Education Consultant

“I have known Graham for several years now. In our industry he is a man of high regard. Among any of those who have talked to me about Graham regarding either his character or his knowledge about wilderness therapy, it is evident that everyone I know has a clear respect for his ethic and his familiarity with how Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare in America works.
My direct contact and experience with Graham is no less remarkable. He has come all the way over to visit WinGate (in the middle of the American Southwest Desert) and has become intimately familiar with us as a program. Those who would refer to programs such as mine, even many living in the United States, are not willing to make such a journey, or to become sufficiently informed.
I am happy to say that when a referral comes my way from Graham, as I am confident he has done the requisite effort to understand my program, I know the referral to be appropriate and in the best interest of the children with whom he works.
Additionally, over the years it has become easy for me to spot someone who, although purporting to understand wilderness therapy, is clearly wanting in direct or even sufficient ancillary experience to fully apprehend what they are talking about. Graham, on the other hand, is the real thing. And this, from so great a distance away, is all the more impressive. I recommend him on all counts.”

M Shayne Gallagher – Executive Director, Wingate Wilderness Therapy

"I want to say a big thank you to those who recommended Redcliff to my mother. Your careful planning and preparation enabled me to start a new healthy and happy life, and I owe the world to the people at Redcliff and involved with Redcliff. It means a lot to know that there are people out there like you who take the time to help teens like me who have lost their real selves along the path of growing up.

I'm overjoyed my mother came across people like you who gave us both the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you endlessly."

Ellie - UK Student

“I arrived at R.C.A. very depressed, scared with no hope of happiness and just wanted to die.

My first few days were tough I didn’t want to be alive let alone in the middle of nowhere with literally nothing apart from a sleeping bag and a tarp, and not much else! It was snowy, freezing, I didn’t care about anything, I didn’t talk, I bottled everything inside, said “I’m fine.”
Days past I got to know the guides who generally wanted to help and cared for me, for the first time in years I was able to accept help, share my problems and not just smile and say I’m fine.

There is something very special about the wilderness it’s hard to explain unless you are there…..You feel a sense of freedom, the massive weight I had been carrying on my shoulders was lifted as the days past and I looked around the awe inspiring scenery I was surrounded by.”

BeforeHM – UK Student

“Graham is as ethical a person as I’ve ever met. He’s honest. He’s sincere. He’s caring. Graham is still pursuing this line of work and experience because it’s near and dear to his heart.

I think if someone in the UK were to contact Graham they can feel assured that he is a man of character. That he has been here. He’s visited RedCliff. He knows Doc Dan. He knows me.

Graham is a good advisor. He’s somebody that you could call and talk to about your family situation and trust”

Stephen C Schultz – Partner, Oxbow Academy, Utah, USA

“You can’t put a price on a child’s life.

I recommend it to any parent with a child at rock.”

Mrs M – UK Parent

“I don’t know where else you would get somebody like Graham in the UK. Really, this is so far removed from anything that they do in the UK that unless there is someone like Graham, Graham in particular, who actually has been here, has spent some time in the field, knows the therapists, understands the stages of treatment, understands that orientation then it would be very, very difficult for a parent to grasp those concepts because there would not be anybody else in the UK that would really get that piece.

Dr Daniel Sanderson PhD – Clinical Director, RedCliff Ascent, Utah, USA.

“I would just like to say thanks for changing my life.  I arrived at RedCliff on Christmas Eve and I left the following March.  After 83 days in the wilderness, with staff who really cared about me (specifically Cloud Shaper).  I left the program to return home, not without issues, but on my
way to a better life. I went to 5 programs before RedCliff and it was there that my outlook on life changed. I just would like to say, if there are still any staff there that were a part of my journey, thank you so much for changing my life and sharing!”

SandalsKK – UK Student

“Our daughter has been a problem for quite some time and we were running out of ideas as to how we could continue to cope as a family. Something radical was needed to save us all from further pain and suffering. I must have spent hours and hours on the internet searching for programmes in the USA and I became lost in a sea of words.

I only wish we could have found Graham Cook earlier, he was able to very quickly point us in the right direction and he was honest in providing answers to some very difficult and direct questions that any parent would want to ask. Thank you for your help.”

Dr AB – UK Parent

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