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off the rails kids wilderness therapyWhat We Do

Quite simply we help parents and families who have a dire need due to the issues, actions and unacceptable behaviour of their teenage offspring.

In essence we provide a signposting service to help families navigate their way through the myriad of websites and internet based offers that represent USA and UK/EU based Wilderness Programmes.....commonly referred to as "Brat Camps". We have considerable experience of working with families from all over the world, in an effort to ensure the most appropriate outcome for their son or daughter. We stop short of making recommendations by giving you the facts and allowing you as parent / guardian the opportunity to make an informed decision!

We work in FOUR ways:

1: Provide signposting to USA based programmes

We can provide honest answers to your questions based on our own experience, which has been gained by travelling extensively and visiting many Wilderness Programmes, Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Residential Treatment Centres. This industry can be a minefield, however, we can help guide you through the processes and present you with high quality and reliable information. Our services in this area are FREE OF CHARGE.

2: Provide access to UK/EU based activity and professional assistance

A number of UK families that approach us do not have the financial resource to commit to a full USA based therapeutic programme and therefore need to explore alternatives. Increasingly we are able to provide or recommend an appropriate programme or professional who can deliver a bespoke package of care and support, at realistic prices. In addition we have relationships with highly experienced Therapists and Psychologists who are specialists in working with young people. Our services in this area are FREE OF CHARGE.

3: Provide an introduction to "Equine Therapy" programmes

We have worked with professionals in the USA for many years and increasingly this form of treatment is becoming available and more popular in the UK. We only work with "EAGALA" qualified professionals who really understand the best approach to working with children and young people with complex needs and challenges. Please refer to our Equine Therapy section for more details and read the evidence based report we commissioned a short time ago. Our services in this area are FREE OF CHARGE.

4: Provide an introduction to Education Consultants

In the USA families engage the services of "Ed Consultants" who are able to provide bespoke advice and guidance to families, this then forms the basis of a professional recommendation for action / placement with an appropriate programme or school. Services can range from educational testing to a full psychological assessment. Increasingly UK families are making use of this important facility. We can put you touch with the best professionals in the business who we have known and worked with for many years. Our services in this area are FREE OF CHARGE.

"One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning." James Russell Lowell


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